50 Kisses, World Premiere

Colton's Big Night, a short film co-produced by Jassa has been announced as one of the winning contributions to the crowd created feature film, 50 Kisses. The movie incorporates multiple stories, all connected through a Valentine's kiss.

50 Kisses had its world premiere at Genesis Cinema on Thursday 13th February. Over 500 people attended the event, complete with red carpet, awards and after party. Unfortunately Jassa was in New York at the time and was unable to attend.

"It is a truly unique piece of quite frankly, outstanding cinema and I am afraid something few big budget directors could ever achieve with such grace, warmth and soul and substance." - Alex Heaton, IMDb

Jassa co-produced the segment Colton's Big Night with director Sebastian Solberg and co-producer Katya Rogers. The film received a Best Production Team award. Daniel Powell starred as the eponymous hero of the film.