Jassa is set to build upon the ongoing success of his debut short Heart’s Ease by directing and starring in Near, a stunning portrait of intimacy from writer Cristian Solimeno. For more information, see Jassa announces new short film as actor-director: Near.

Heart’s Ease

A short film exploring the social context of relationships and the nature of taboo. Described by Anthony Horowitz as "an accomplished piece of film-making that suggests Jassa Ahluwalia is a talent to look out for". Streaming now on Vimeo.

Jassa on the set of  Heart's Ease

Jassa on the set of Heart's Ease

modern man

In 2014 Jassa produced short film Modern Man with director Sebastian Solberg. Modern Man tells the story of an accidental time traveling cavewoman and her chance encounter with a young man on the day he plans to propose to his girlfriend. Modern Man screened globally as part of the Très Court International Film Festival, an official selection at the San Diego Film Festival, winner of Best Film at Kinofilm Manchester and winner of Best Comedy Short at the Isle of Man Film Festival.

colton’s big night (50 Kisses)

Jassa's first film as a producer was Colton’s Big Night, starring Hermione Corfield; a segment of the world record breaking feature film 50 Kisses.