The Arts Desk - ★★★★ - "...Jassa Ahluwalia the astonishing Garth...thrillingly revived... Max Barton’s terrific production positively glows with a febrile intensity which, at the show’s climax, had me quaking in my seat... an unforgettably thrilling experience."

Gay Times - ★★★★ - "Piranha Heights has everything a theatre fan would want... it has a wonderful charm of energy and brutality that makes it work to such great success... this intense piece of theatre intends to shock; and really does....the piece is lead by break-out star Jassa Ahluwalia (Garth)"

The Metropolist - ★★★★★ - “this is a must-see piece of theatre. Strong, lucid writing at its best. See it while you still can!”

Time Out - ★★★★ - “shocking and intense... It’s a strong, uncomfortable night of drama and another excellent revival of a stark work by a distinct, unsettling voice.”

The Stage - ★★★★ - “A gripping and accomplished revival of the play”

Exeunt - “Max Barton’s technically ambitious production takes off like a rocket in the second half, with compelling and frankly creepy performances.”

Monkey Matters Theatre - “a high energy, emotionally draining, tour-de-force”

There Ought to be Clowns - “a fantastical yet gripping theatrical experience under Max Barton’s direction.”

St John Street News - “a star example of physical and in-yer-face theatre. Whether one is already a fan or new to this genre, this is the play to watch.”