The Rezort begins international release

The Rezort has screened, and continues to screen, at a number of established film festivals since its debut appearance at the 48th edition of the renowned Sitges Film Festival last year.

Building on this widespread festival programme, a global distribution deal for the film with Netflix has been announced, which will see the film released on the Netflix platform in the US, Canada and UK on 17th January 2017 with other territories following thereafter.

Prior to this date, and in time for Halloween, the film will enjoy a release via Content Media in UK, Eire, Australia and New Zealand across various premium Video On Demand and Download To Own platforms on 17th October 2016 including but not limited to Sky, Virgin, BT, Sony, Google, iTunes and Xbox.

Current release plans for the film will culminate with a video release in UK, also via Content Media, on 17th January 2017 to coincide with the afore mentioned Netflix release.

Festival Screenings:


Press reviews:

“a witty new twist on the living-dead genre” - The Hollywood Reporter

“Best described as Jurassic Park with Zombies...” - Frightfest 2016

“I found The Rezort hard to fault. With expectations properly checked, there's certainly something to enjoy here. The concept of artificially ageing zombies for the perfect look was pretty cool and I had more fun watching this than I did blockbuster Jurassic World” - Letterboxd critic reviews

“A welcome addition for zombie lovers, who won't be disappointed” - Rotten Tomatoes critic reviews