Jassa wraps on Some Girls 3

Jassa has completed filming on the third series of Some Girls. He stars in the hit BBC Three series as Rocky alongside Adelayo Adedayo, Alice Felgate, Mandeep Dhillon, Natasha Jonas, Dolly Wells and Colin Salmon.

Jassa is set to appear in five episodes of the six episode series, created and written by Bernadette Davis.

"This time, sensible, level headed Viva wants to defy expectations and do something completely crazy. But it's not long before she's regretting her actions. Holli needs to raise some money to buy back her mother's pawned jewellery and has some unusual ideas about how to do this. Saz discovers that, against all odds, there is a boy out there who likes her - if only she could work out who it is. And Amber gets ousted as the hottest girl on the block when her sister moves back home. Rocky and Viva are in love but the differences between them make this series a game of 'will they won't they'. And where is Brandon? Amber is convinced he has had to go into hiding...." -BBC Media Centre

Some Girls is made by Hat Trick Productions, produced by John Pocock and directed by Sasha Ransome. The executive producers are Helen WilliamsJimmy Mulville and BBC Comedy commissioning editor Gregor Sharp.