The Bible - Becoming David - Part I

With epic miniseries The Bible due to premiere across America this Sunday, Jassa discusses how he came to be Young David.

The Audition

Fittingly my audition took place at the American Church on Tottenham Court Road, but because the show was so high profile there wasn't really much information available. The brief bits of script I had were from very early drafts. It was also unlike anything I'd ever been up for before. I was at a loss for how to deliver the dialogue in a way that seemed both convincing but also in keeping with the scale of the project. That's when Brad Pitt came to my rescue. I watched Troy the night before my audition, paying particular attention to performances. That process really helped me overcome my inhibitions and give myself fully to the scenes.

On the day of the audition I tried to keep focused but I was very aware that I was the first person they were seeing. I had to make an impression or else I'd easily be forgotten. Once I got into the room though, everything changed. It was one of the most rewarding casting experiences I've ever had. I was introduced to director Tony Mitchell and producer Michael Waterhouse and we worked on the scenes for almost half an hour. I felt like I was rehearsing for the role, not auditioning for it. In fact when I left I actually called my agent to check whether that was the case. It wasn't.

The original shoot dates that came with the brief passed. I'd heard nothing. I assumed I hadn't got the part so I forgot about it. It wasn't long before I got my reminder.

Look out for The Bible - Becoming David - Part II, coming soon.

The Bible premieres this Sunday in America, 3.3.13 at 8/7c on History.