Jassa guest stars in Ripper Street

Airing 9pm Monday 25th November, Jassa guest stars in Threads of Silk and Gold, the fifth episode in the second series of BBC One's BAFTA nominated series Ripper Street.

Investigations into the brutal slaying of a Telegraph Boy lift the lid on a vice racket run from the offices of the GPO. The telegraph ledger leads Reid to the heart of the one of the city’s most august financial institutions, Barings Bank.

Jassa recently described his character Vincent Featherwell in an interview with Inside Media Track:

On the surface Vincent is a street smart telegraph boy trying to make his way in the world. But that’s not the whole truth. He is an exceptionally confident leader with much bigger plans for the future. He is the driving force in the relationship between him and his colleague/lover David (Alfie Stewart). He has absolute strength and isn’t afraid to stick his finger up to society.

Read the full interview here

Jassa appears alongside Mathew Macfadyen (Anna Karenina, Spooks, Robin Hood, Frost/Nixon), Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones) and Adam Rothenberg (Elementary).

Also starring as a guest lead in Jassa's episode is Andrew Tiernan. Perhaps best known for playing the hunchback Ephialtes in Zach Snyder's 300, Andrew has starred in numerous iconic films including Roman Polanski's The Pianist.