An audience with Simon Callow - Jassa attends exclusive drinks reception at the House of Lords

On Wednesday 30th January, Jassa attended an exclusive drinks reception at the House of Lords in support of one of the leading child poverty charities in the UK: Child Poverty Action Group.

The drinks reception was followed by internationally-renowned actor Simon Callow's stirring evocation of Dickens as a social reformer, both in his life and his work. Having written no less than thirteen books, Simon's latest publication, Charles Dickens and the Great Theatre of the World, shows an intricate knowledge of and a heartfelt passion for Dickens' work.

After receiving his invitation Jassa began reading the aforementioned biography.

"It gives fascinating insight into the life of one of the greatest storytellers in our language. What I find particularly fascinating, as a young and aspiring actor, is that I'm finding myself drawing parallels between my own formative years and those of Dickens, and in the process learning more about myself as well as the great author. Unsurprising I suppose in some respects as, for a while at least, Dickens looked destined to become an actor himself. But nevertheless I was shocked to discover how much I could relate to the story of this incredible man. And Simon's style is so engaging that you discover yourself reading as though it were a novel by Dickens himself!" - Jassa

Within the prestigious setting of the House of Lords, guests obtained a fascinating insight into the parallels that exist between the work and interests of Dickens, the work of the Child Poverty Action Group and the most current issues relating to child poverty in the UK.

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