Jassa to guest star in BBC's Casualty

Just over a week ago Jassa returned from filming an incredible new project in Morocco (to be announced) before playing a gig in his hometown of Leicester on Friday, and then moving to London over the weekend. Things show no sign of slowing down.

No sooner than he’d had time to unpack in his new place Jassa began filling his bags once more to spend the next few weeks in Cardiff, shooting an episode of Casualty. Jassa is due to start filming tomorrow at the BBC’s Roath Lock studios in Cardiff Bay. Broadcast is scheduled for late October.

Jassa is appearing as a guest lead in an episode directed by Graeme Harper. Graeme is best known for his work on Doctor Who and is the only person to have directed episodes of both the original series and the revived run.

Casualty is the longest-running emergency medical drama television series in the world. A survey published by Radio Times magazine in March 2004 revealed that Casualty has featured more future stars than any other UK soap or drama series. Actors who appeared in the show prior to becoming major successes include Kate Winslet, Orlando Bloom, Minnie Driver, Christopher Eccleston, Parminder Nagra, Ray Winstone and David Walliams.

“Appearing in Casualty feels like I’ve been given a stamp of approval as a British actor! I didn’t think I’d get that after The Bill shut up shop. I’ve got a great part in a great episode with an exceptionally experienced director. I’m also really looking forward to the challenge of the role; it’s unlike anything else I’ve done so far. I hope I can continue to follow in the footsteps of the many talented people who have come before me.” - Jassa

Quite what the challenge will be remains to be seen. Casualty is a BBC Cymru Wales production and is broadcast on BBC One.