Jassa to star in Spanish film, El Amor y Otras Desgracias

This weekend Jassa will be shooting a short film in Spain which will form part of the feature film El Amor y Otras Desgracias (Love and Other Misfortunes). The production interweaves sixteen stories that take place in Alicante. The sixteen stories have been scripted by sixteen writers who are being led by sixteen directors from the Spanish province.

Jassa came on board after producer Rodolfo Coloma offered him the lead in one of the stories. Initially there was a scheduling conflict and it looked unlikely that Jassa would be able to accept the offer but fortunately the producers and director were able to reschedule the shoot.

This film will be the second time Jassa and Rodolfo have worked together, having first met on Journey to the Moon.

“One of the highlights of making that film, my first ever film, was the people. I was only sixteen when I met Rodolfo but we've always kept in touch and I can’t wait to work with him once again. My heart sank when I realised I couldn't make the planned shoot dates and I'm incredibly grateful that the production team were able to rearrange”

Jassa will star as Mark in 5 Hours and 21 Minutes by Ainhoa G Forcada. Directed by Àngela Soler. 

El Amor y Otras Desgracias is set for a Valentine's release in 2013.