Jassa moves to Independent Talent

Jassa is now represented by Will Hollinshead at Independent Talent, Europe’s leading talent agency.

“It was while doing my work experience at Independent, then ICM London, that I discovered my desire to work in film and TV. This desire quickly became an obsession and I vowed I would one day be a client there. This is the realisation of a teenage dream and I'm incredibly excited by the new opportunities and potential this move brings to my career.”

Jassa was formerly represented by Samantha How at Simon & How Associates.

“I am extremely grateful for all the fantastic work Sam and everyone at Simon & How have done for me ever since they took me on. I was an unknown, untrained, seventeen-year-old aspiring actor and they helped me to build the foundations of my career. I will never forget that. We continue to enjoy an amicable professional relationship.”

For details about how to get in touch with Jassa’s agent visit the Contact page.